As you drive defensively, you are making sure that you have a lower risk of a possible accident on the road.  

 If driving has been part of your everyday routine then you know that the drivers who are with you on the freeway does not all drive well and safely, however even if that’s the case, everyone assumes that they are good at driving. Some drivers you encountered while driving may be the ones who merge into lanes without paying much attention, some are the ones who is always in a hurry and likes to speed up and some don’t mind how close they are to another car on the lane they’re on.  

 If you think that the only hazard you will experience on the road are snow in winter then please add the drivers that are aggressive in driving to the list. Since you are on the list already, add the ones who are not paying attention to the road as well, the ones who are too distracted with something while driving while doing things like chit chat with the other person in the car or perhaps texting or always on a phone call.  

 The actions of the drivers that are with you on the freeway are out of your control but your safety and your response to these external behaviors that may bring harm as you drive can be prevented with how you respond and how you can avoid an accident.  

 Here are some tips to help you be in control 

 1. Focus 

 When you are driving, you are using a lot of cognitive demand than you thought. Driving involves taking notice of the condition of the road, how much speed you need or how much rotation the steering wheel should go, directions in the road, markings, awareness of the surrounding and other cars, mirrors and signals and even observing the rules of traffic at the same time. With this much of thinking involved, it is vital that you pay attention to driving alone and not let yourself get distracted by other things that goes on throughout your day.  

 2. Distractions 

 Texting, eating, or a phone call can cause you to get distracted and pay lesser attention on the road. If you think you can handle multitasking while driving because you have been on the wheels for so many years now, the overconfidence on driving can also get you in a messy car accident.  

 3. Alertness 

 Remain from driving on the hours you are most likely to fall asleep or get sleepy. Listen to your body. If ever you have any alcohol intake, do not drive! If you are not alert when driving, your body won’t respond as quickly as to when you are paying attention and staying alert.  

 4. Watch out for other drivers 

When you are aware of your surroundings, you are less likely to get into an accident because you can see through the possible movements the other drivers you are with.  

These are just a few things that can help you look after your welfare and maybe learning more about driving and driving improvement can help you ensure your safety more. Driving school in Manassas will help you with concerns like these. If you are interested to know more details about them, call them today!