June 9, 2011
Domain News

Hey almost 2 years since my last update. Nothing much to report on the domain front. I did end up getting rid of techno-noir as a domain but I moved it here as a sub-domain (techno-noir.jedi-hobbit.net). Patronus-Naturae.org is also gone but I am working to redo it as a wordpress blog or maybe tumblr.

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July 27, 2009

So just a brief update to mention some new fanlistings I have. First is the Galahad fanlisting, Grail Prince. And second is the Howard Wolowitz fanlisting (from The Big Bang Theory), She Blinded Me With Science!

I also closed some fanlistings (Hideki Matsui & John James Audubon) but nobody joined them anyways. I think that's it.

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July 13, 2009
21st Century Cure

Hey so I finally gave the domain main page a much needed make-over and cleaned up some dead links and such. Sorry I don't post here regularly, I just blog everything over at LJ. But I'll pop in once in awhile and post some news here. My domain is still active though, I update it and always check the sites. I just don't post here too often. :/

Anyways, so summer is ok. Just working. Trying to finish up my thesis (or more like start it...) so I can graduate from grad school in Dec. I'm currently obsessed with Repo! The Genetic Opera and a certain GraveRobber. tehe. I've been reading a bunch of older scifi books, like Philip K. Dick and William Gibson. And...I can't wait for Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince movie!!!

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August 11, 2008
Oh hello hello.

Oh, hullooo. I forgot about this. Well not really. Um...so I haven't updated in a year. Well this past year I started grad school and the summer's almost over so I'll be going back the 25th. I'm going for my Master's in Biological Anthropology. Let's see, I've seen The Dark Knight twice. It is so freakin' awesome (I knew it would be before all the hype and bandwagon Batman fans :P ). And I've been reading alot of graphic novels and playing Warcraft. Wow that sounded geeky. o_O

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July 07, 2007
Harry Potter Mania

Ello, ello! This is THE month for Harry Potter!!! I am sooo excited for the Order of the Phoenix movie not only because it's one of my fave books in the series but because it looks soo freakin awesome. I'm going to the midnight showing Tuesday night. heheee. And omg have you seen Ron and the Twins in this movie??? Cuteness!!! hehe. I also can't wait for book 7 (obviously) but it makes me so sad knowing it's the last book! Nooooo! It can't be! *cries*

Well anyways, I saw Pirates 3 of course and it was fabtastic! I just love Jack Sparrow in general so any chance of me seeing him is always a plus. But....Norrington. *cries* And Undead Pirate Captain Will was HOT! Er yeah. My brother came to visit from NC this past week. It was great! We watched a ton of movies. His girlfriend came too, it was fun. Anywho, that's the update for now. Later.

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May 19, 2007
Like Ew-eth

Hey nothing much is new. My birthday is in a week! I will be a quarter of a century years old. whoaaa. O_O Anywho, I saw Shrek the Third last night! It was sooo funny (of course). I really liked it. These Shrek movies just keep getting better and better. The whole part at Worcestershire was hilarious! roflmao! I'm glad Prince Charming was back in this one because he is too funny. ;) Ohh and the part with Pinocchio trying to not tell him where Shrek is! ROFL!!!! *ahem* ok then. Oh I did gets me a new ride! Its a used car but its way better than my previous '94 Chevy Cavalier. Its a '99 Pontiac Sunfire and black with reddish-pink stripes and a spoiler. Its a sweeet ride. Here's a picture. :)

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