Which Cowboy Bebop character are you?
brought to you by jedi-hobbit.net

1. What is your favorite hobby?
nothing, just relaxing
gambling, casinos, ripping people off...you know the usual
well I like to cook
i enjoy a nice relaxing game of chess with my faithful steed
killing people

2. Your most common form of attire is:
ha! clothes...they tend to get bloody so i don't care what i wear as long as it strikes fear into others
i like wearing weird clothes and have my own style
biker shorts and a crop top, anything comfortable
looking snazzy in a suit
i think i look smashing in anything
not much into style

3. The motto that most suits you is:
whatever happens, happens
easy come, easy go
i don't know and have no opinion
weeeee....hello person
let's drink to me and my reflection in your lovely eyes
why are you still alive?!?

4. In a group of people you are most likely:
the one to take all the glory for yourself
the loyal friend who has good advice
the man with the plan, which usually involves bustin' a cap
the annoying one
the guy that kills everyone else
the weird one

5. What is your favorite color?
i'm too caught up in my past to worry about colors
yellow, it matches my clothes
Hmm, color? Any color suits me just fine.
red...like blood

6. One thing you cannot stand is:
having to save my friends from their stupid stunts
animals, kids, and women with attitude...errr
nothing...i like everything!!
not having money
people not liking me
seeing people you hate still alive

7. People describe you as:
the devil reincarnated
a free spirit, independent, but moody
all around nice guy/chick
in your own little world, far, very far, away

8. Your thought on life:
it's just a dream
the whole world's against me
pretty good for the most part
i own the world
life is wonderful since i'm in it
just kill me now

9. Favorite food:
anything besides 'shrooms
sometimes i eat dog food
anything i swipe from someone else
food products i endorse
food is for the weak
bell peppers and beef!

10. Your idea of a dream date::
cook dinner and have a nice converation
spending time with me is the best possible thing to do on a date
wearing a snazzy suit and demonstrate my jeet kune do
uhhh date?!? yeeks...
being with someone i don't want to kill
a night in the city, partying

11. Finally, what advice would you give to people?
spend money in casinos, its more fun than putting it in a bank
life is a dream
be careful who you choose to work with
if you see a stranger, follow him
kill those you don't trust
reach for the sky