AIM Buddy Icons

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Arucard from Hellsing Faye from Cowboy Bebop Powerpuff Girls The Lone Gunmen Harry Potter Harry Potter Hermione Lucius Malfoy
Aragorn Pippin Merry doing something to his sword Eomer Gandalf the White Saruman Frodo Frodo
Frodo Legolas Samwise Brandon Boyd from Incubus Obi-wan Kenobi Obi-wan Kenobi Obi-wan Kenobi Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom Legolas Legolas Legolas Legolas Legolas Eowyn - ROTK Princess Leia
Gandalf and Shadowfax Cpt. Jack Sparrow Cpt. Jack Sparrow Cpt. Jack Sparrow Cpt. Jack Sparrow Neo Trinity Colin Farrell
James Dean Sango from Inuyasha castle Gorilla Tiger Jack Skellington Nightmare before Xmas Yoda from Clone Wars
Eomer - ROTK Aragorn - ROTK King Elessar - ROTK Merry with his pipe Orlando Bloom Elijah Wood Dominic Monaghan Eowyn aka Dernhelm
Elijah Eowyn & Faramir Elessar Harry Potter (PoA) Legolas (FotR) Ron & Hermione Ron & Hermione Ronald Weasley (PoA)
Ron (PoA) Seamus (PoA) Eomer BoSox! Orlando Cabrera (Red Sox) Johnny Damon (Red Sox) Johnny Damon (Red Sox) Nomar Garciaparra (Cubs)
Kira the gelfling (The Dark Crystal) Oona (Legend)

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