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Andromeda Andromeda [Men of] Andromeda [Women of] Angel series Angel/Spike Band of Brothers fan Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girls) Charlie (Lost) Dance of the Mayflies (Andromeda episode 2x15) Dune Firefly fan Friends fan Harper/Rommie <3 (Andromeda) Hercules Heroes Late Nate with Conan O'Brien Lex Luthor fan Lex/Chloe! Lisa Simpson fan! Lost Lost [Male Characters of] Millhouse Van Houten (The Simpsons) Monty Python Powerpuff Girls! Prison Break Psych Reno 911 Roar Robin Hood Ronon/Teyla (Stargate Atlantis) Saturday Night Live Sawyer (Lost) rawr. Sayid (Lost) Shawn/Gus (Psych) Simon fan <3 Smallville South Park Stargate Atlantis Stargate Atlantis [Men of] Supernatural Telemachus Rhade (Andromeda) The Daily Show - the most important news show, ever The Simpsons The Springfield Files episode (The Simpsons) The Twilight Zone Trance Gemini (Andromeda) Walker, Texas Ranger Lever (Conan O'Brien)

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