It is wonderful to live in a place where you know that you could have a good air to breath and a nice place to see by your eyes as you don’t need to think about the pollution of the city like the smoke from the car’s exhaust and the factories’ chemicals going out from the chimney and many more. Some people who don’t care about the environment would not think of planting more trees instead they would have the tree removal companies to remove the trees around their house because it doesn’t give them a nice result and it only gives them unpleasant surprises like falling leaves to clean every morning. Conserving all the things that you have in the place where you are living could be a good start and it would be a great help for the future generations like your kids and your future grandson as well.  

You can do a lot of things in your community without harming others instead give a lot of positivity in order for many people to follow you and they could share this kind of act to those who are losing hopes and strengths. It is not always about what we could get or earn but it is something that we should know and we could be more educated about the things that are happening to our place and be involved to those activities that could enrich our mind and heart to work together as one.  

You may start by planting more trees around your place or to your garden and share the good effects and benefits of doing this one to the kids so that they would do the same thing. You could even inspire other people about creating a program where they could get more funds to sustain planting more trees not only in the empty lots but also to the forest and mountains as we all know that some animals are living there and that is their natural habitat. We could not replace it by making them stay in a zoo or in a place where they don’t have freedoms to do whatever they want because they come from wild and their instinct is totally different from the pets that we have at home.  

We can show our care by throwing the rubbish to the correct bin and try to segregate them accordingly like the bio-degradable to non and many other things such as the recyclable and bottles. There are a lot of organizations out there that you can reach out and ask their help or be part of them to create a good program where everyone could benefit from it. People will follow most of the others if they could see that you have the mind and leadership to stand for it and it is not only about saying what is the best for many. You may even talk to the local government unit and leaders about the project that you want to showcase to your city in order to be a good and better place for everyone.