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Welcome to Laurel leaves the official fanlisting for Apollo & Daphne as approved by thefanlistings.org. This is a fanlisting for the Roman/Greek myth about the nymph Daphne and the god Apollo. If you are a fan of this myth and the characters in it, please join! For more info on the myth, go here.

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→ The title comes from the tale of Apollo & Daphne as told by Ovid. Daphne, not wanting to be caught by Apollo, is turned into a laurel tree. Apollo therefore declares the laurel to be his tree.
"My tree at least you shall be! Let the laurel Adorn, henceforth, my hair, my lyre, my quiver: Let Roman victors, in the long procession, Wear laurel wreaths for tryumph and ovation."

{c} Lisa. Part of the Shieldmaiden Network. No affiliation with anyone. The main picture is a work of art entitled "Apollo and Daphne" (1908) by Waterhouse.