Whether it is a date night, for a celebration, or you just do not want to cook, a delicious meal could become even better once your order according to a great march of great food and fine wine. Regardless of your wine preference, several various kinds of food can perfectly complement your choice. Read ahead and learn about the easy guidelines about popular wine types and which foods they perfectly pair with. Make sure to take note about the following pairings so that you will be prepared once you get into a resto-bar:

Sweet white wine

If you want a wine that doesn’t have a bitterness to it, a sweet white wine would be perfect including Riesling and Moscato. Sweet wines match well with both soft and hard cheese, sweets, and cured meats. A dish of a cheese platter or a smoked sausage would be a perfect pair with this wine type.

Dry white wine

If you like white wine that’s not sweet, you must definitely choose a dry white wine. Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio are both dry white wines. This type of wine can be best paired with fish and vegetables, particularly roasted vegetables. For fish, you can order a white fish, such as halibut, with zucchini or roasted carrots.

Rich white wine

A rich white wine is more savory and provides a great flavor. One of the most popular full wine is Chardonnay, which goes perfectly with soft cheeses, such as Havarti, white meat like turkey, duck, and chicken, and rich fish like salmon and trout. A meal of salmon partnered with cream sauce and another side would make a great dish, most especially if it’s paired with rich white wine.

Dry red wine

A dry red wine is the same with a dry white wine, however, it has a fuller body. The most popular dry red wine is Pinot Noir. This wine tastes amazing with rich fish, roasted vegetables, chorizo and liverwurst, and cured meat like bologna. Roasted mushrooms and salmon would also make a delicious meal if paired with a dry red.

Sparkling wine

For special occasions, you do not need to save a sparkling wine, such as Champagne. This kind of wine can perfectly pair with cheese, vegetables, rice, pasta, and potatoes. Also, you can try a chicken alfredo or cheesy risotto to have a perfect mixture of flavors.

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