With time, the weather may cause deterioration on your deck. If the condition outside is nice and warm, your deck is perhaps where you and the rest of the members of the family stays. Nevertheless, since decks are found outdoors, it is always exposed to harmful elements. That’s why it deteriorates and wears down quicker than you imagine.

Luckily, most through deck issues have easy solutions. These solutions can make your deck look great. That way, so you can have as much outdoor fun as you want. Below are some reasons why decks get damaged. If you have a problem with your deck, it is best that you contact a deck repair expert as soon as possible.

1. Water damage

Most homeowners with a deck that’s newly installed have them enclosed so they are protected from the weather. This is a good solution to water damage, which is quite common among decks, more particularly the ones made of wood. Without an enclosure, the next best thing to do to prevent water damage is to seal your deck. But even the sealant of the highest quality will eventually wear off. If you had your deck sealed, be sure that you reapply the seal after a few years.

Perform some tests from time to time to make sure that the seal is still working. The sprinkle test is easy to perform. Simply sprinkle a small amount of water on the deck. If it doesn’t form a bead and just sinks into the floor, then it’s time to have the deck sealed again. Be sure to thoroughly clean your deck before you go about sealing it. Get it fixed first, especially if there are broken or damaged parts of the deck.

2. Discoloration

Wood will gradually deviate from its original shade. Slowly, it will turn into gray. As it starts to age, its damage will accumulate as well. The change in color is not just a visual issue. It’s a matter of aesthetics and functionality. To fix it, the use of some wood cleaners is enough.

There are products that can restore the original shade of wood by getting rid of the grime and debris that are causing fading and discoloration. You can also wood brighteners as an alternative. Just be sure to seal the deck once the wood is polished or brightened so that it is primed for the next process.

3. Rotting

The worst thing that can happen to an exposed deck is rotting, as rotting breaks down the wood. Rotting makes wood unsightly. Worse, it’s compromising the strength of the entire deck. If your deck is sealed yet it seems like it’s rotting, then you must get it checked before the rainy season comes along.

Rotting becomes a major concern on the deck’s stairs and handrails. When sealing decks, be sure that you pay more attention to these areas. Rotting decks must be repaired by the experts. The deck must be inspected first before it is repaired and resealed. To ensure that your deck has a stable floor, patch all damaged boards and examine all beams and posts. Be sure that only undamaged wood remains. Replace all the others and apply a good sealant. This can assure you that you don’t have any problems with rotting anymore.