The method that you’ll use when getting rid of your furniture greatly varies on how much you have to dispose of and how fast you want the job to get done. You should take inventory of the furniture you are getting rid of before you get started. Aside from that, you should also take inventory of other items you might be getting rid of. You can donate furniture in excellent condition. However, it is perhaps time to throw them away if your items have a lot of pet damage, scrapes, or tears.

Here are several furniture removal St. George methods you can consider:

Take it to a Scrap Dealer

You might be able to recycle the furniture at a local scrap metal dealer if you’ve got metal bed frames, tables, or chairs. A couple of scrap yards can even recycle steel spring mattresses, as long as you get rid of the cloth before you give it to them. You will want to identify whether or not the metal is ferrous before you recycle it. While almost every scrap yards will take both types, non-ferrous metals will offer you a lot of cash. To figure out what type of metal you are dealing with, place a magnet to the furniture. It is a non-ferrous metal if the magnet does not stick.

Hire a Junk Removal Company

A junk removal company will send out several technicians to your home to figure out the price of removing the furniture. They’ll load up the items and haul them away if you agree on the cost. This is an excellent choice for eliminating several heavy items quickly. However, if you are working on an ongoing junk removal project or a complete home cleanout, this might not be the ideal option. The reason for this is that junk removal rates are sometimes based on the overall load of the items. Before you hire a junk removal company, you should do your research first.

Leave the Items at the Curb

Getting rid of furniture might be as simple as dragging it out to the curb if you’ve only got several small items. However, you have to call your local service provider before you do this. A couple of private and local trash collection services will charge extra to eliminate furniture, aside from the normal trash. Furthermore, they might also restrict you to a particular number of items or a particular time when your furniture can be hauled. You may be even required to seal the furniture in plastic before they will accept it.

Rent a Dumpster

This is a cheap and fast way to get rid of junk and furniture. Almost every company will provide several various sizes that you can pick from. After you have chosen a size, the company will drop off the dumpster in your property. After that, you can then just load the furniture inside. After you are done, simply contact the company and they’ll haul away the dumpster. This option is best for renovation projects.